Our Crazy Wrap Thing!!

I want to share with you our AMAZING wrap!!

It is such an easy product! The wraps come 4 in a box, take one out, open it up, cream is already on the wrap and you simply apply the wrap where you need results! Wrap the wrap with saran wrap to keep it in place. Wear it for 45 minutes and let the cream absorb…drink a bottle of water!

The ingredients help to heal stretch marks & loose skin! It also releases toxins & fat for a maintainable loss!

Take it off and rub in cream…the ingredients keep working over the next 72hrs! Then apply another wrap till desired results are achieved!

The wraps are sold 4 in a box as 1 full treatment!

Retail is  $99 for a box OR
GET MY DISCOUNT by becoming a product tester/ loyal customer for $59 for a box (saves you $40!!)


Message me for details!

Contact me here!!



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